Jul 28, 2011

facts of life: no time!

We at Ride for your Rights! appreciate the finest irony.

The best example is, of course, the concept of "break days". When we started planning our itinerary (poorly, I may add), we wanted to stop at some bigger places, where could meet some students, representatives of local and national authorities and from the universities along the way. Many people told us that this would be difficult during the summer, since people are on holidays, not at the universities. We can only reply that it would be much harder for us to take a semester off to ride across the continent.

Although we have many meetings scheduled for the near future, not much has happened up to this point. It seems that people cycling for thousands of kilometers for student mobility is only impressive if there are 25 people in the group. I suppose 5 people doing that is very common.

Anyway, our agenda is pretty light at the moment, but I wonder: how do we manage to spend all of our time working? Between gathering photos, writing blog entries, replying to e-mails and making phone calls, not to mention filming, there is never a break day for us.

Hopefully, we'll find a routine that allows us, at some point, to cope with all this work. Either that, or we hire. Stay tuned for job opportunities.

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