Jul 24, 2011

day 5 - Mohacs to Pecs

Day 5
July 7th

Waking up by the Danube with the quiet company of a nearby mine field is a rather soothing experience, and it would have been a rather calm morning if Tiago hadn't driven off with the "cottage" keys, closely chased by the janitor across the Duna-Drava park.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, leaving Mohacs took forever, forcing us to change all our plans for the day. We hit the road under extreme heat (nothing new there...) and found out that cyclists weren't allowed on that particular road. We went offroad for a while, quickly gave up on the idea and went back on the original route. We then found out we're not that good at reading traffic signs.

We toasted under the sun, had a quick stop in Pecsvarad and eventually made our way to Pecs, the first real objective of the route. That would be the end of our first stage. The first obstacle to overcome. By the time we arrived at a family-run camping site outside of town, we all had that feeling of "mission accomplished".

Ride for your Rights! had reached its first destination. After long days under the burning sun, getting lost and misleaded to the worst possible roads, going off budget and almost losing our minds, we'd made it.

Stage A completed. Fourteen more to go.

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