Jul 25, 2011

day 8 - Szekszard to Dunaujvaros

Day 8
July 10th

We left Szekszard early in the morning, trying to avoid the hottest part of the day. We would cross the Danube and take a path on the left bank, while Boris would follow on the right bank. According to the advice we got the night before, we'd all meet up in Paks before lunch, wait until the temperature dropped a bit and then carry on. Once again, our plan went down the drain, as it was nearly impossible to get a ferry on a Sunday and make it to Paks. The group arrived around 2pm.

Tiago had been waiting for 3 hours, completely unaware that it was free spa day. Once we figured that out, we all jumped in the pool, refreshed and had some nice lunch. All but Mario, anyway, since he had to take a nap and ended up with the worst part of the whole deal...

After a few hours of rest, we once again set out to cross the Danube. Cycling is not so easy around these parts. We prepared to ride in the dark, got out our lights and vests and moved on. It took forever to get to Dunaujvaros! Of course we still managed to get lost once we got there - why miss out on all the fun?

Once we arrived at our sleeping place, an elementary school, we were met by the lady keymaster, who had been waiting for hours, and her son, Matt, who also helped us around the school. Our kitchen was the cooking classroom, our master bedroom was the gym, our internet hotspot was the teacher's lounge and Andi's and Niki's bedroom was the school grounds outside. These two prefer sleeping outside (they did so the night before) but were probably not expecting one particular visit: a fox!

This was, so far, the longest day of riding. More than twice the distance we'd originally planned. Although riding in the night was a lot of fun and a bit more comfortable than the usual course of the desert, we're reconsidering the given number of 4000 km. Our legs are really paying the price.

PS: the mexican sausages from Tesco are excellent!

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