Jul 28, 2011

facts of life: it's a small world

I have the privilege to write about a very interesting coincidence we were faced with, today. Along with Diana from EGG and Attila from Mobilitas, we were met by a local cycling activist called Balazs, whose traces looked familiar to us. Familiar is the keyword, here.

Balazs has a brother called Tamas, who incidentally lives in Pecs, one of our previous stops, and also happens to be a cycling activist. And we did meet him - in Velosophie!

It was a great pleasure for the whole group, and for especially, to have had the chance to meet both brothers, even though on opposite points in Hungary. It's a small world indeed, and packed with great people willing to help and support us in this long ride.

So, to the Sleiner brothers, our best wishes, wherever their lives may take them!

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