Jul 28, 2011

day 13 - Komarom to Gyor

Day 13
July 15th

With the whole group on their bikes again, we had our specialty breakfast: supermarket parking lot style! We headed west to Gyor, facing heavy wind, and eventually made our way through the city, then out again to find our camping site for the night. We set up camp quickly, as we were scheduled for a workshop at the local university.

Our local organizer, Diana, put together a meeting for the group, with the presence of two very active individuals in the community. We shared our travel experiences so far, looked at some creepy photos (the ones we're not publishing here) and began the serious part of the conversation.

Attila, from the Youth Service, told us about the mobility offer for youngsters through the Youth in Action program. We took time to discuss how the eurodesk works, both in Hungary and elsewhere, and this set the mood for the next hour or so.

We were then introduced to the works of the local ESN section, learned about the university and their activities, and moved to our first real brainstorm about Student Mobility. Sometimes it's easy to forget why we're out on the road, but we finally managed to get everyone around the table to reflect and share their thoughts and views on all the problems we're denouncing and trying to get fixed.

There is much more to every person here than the funny stories we tell and the funnier we don't. Everyone here has a story to tell and the will to make a change. We're very thankful to Diana for putting this together, and hope this will be the first of many opportunities for us to lay out all our cards on the table.

Switching to bright side of life, we went for dinner by the river side, had a couple of drinks and turned in early. The last bus allow for no more, although we found out we could actually camp by the river, next to the city center. Winner deal, scheduled for after lunch.

Stage C completed, a dozen more to go.

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