Aug 10, 2011

special thanks: Ideas on Tour

Now that we've made it to Vienna and are about to head North, there is one very important reference we need to make.

Throughout the last three weeks we have lived our share of little adventures within the bigger one. We overcame the heat, the wind, the sand banks and the traffic, and naturally we had a few mechanical problems. Also, we met great people along the way and always challenged them to join the Ride.

All of this was made much easier thanks to Nanond and Xavier. These two brave bikers had a great project of their own: Ideas on Tour, focused on Sustainability concerns. They rode from Sweden to Serbia and got to Novi Sad just before our departure. They took part in our opening ceremony and handed over their bikes to us. Since then, we used these bikes as replacement every time we had a flat or invited someone to join us on a city tour. The Swedish bikes have played a great role in our trip so far, and will continue to do so in the future (it's a bumpy road to Russia).

We'd like to thank them both for the bikes, for the tools, for the help and motivation, and wish them the best of luck in their future adventures. From a fortunate coincidence we've all managed to help each other somehow, and we hope to have more opportunities in years to come.

We invite our readers to check our their blog, where they have the whole information about their motivation for the project, their trip and all the workshops they had on the way. It's great reading, we can assure you.

As for the bikes, they're still safe and we will keep them safe. We even have a few thoughts on how to put them to good use after RFYR is over, but we'll come back to that later...

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