Aug 13, 2011

special profile: Reinhard

Name: Reinhard Theifert
Age: 61
From Austria
Lecturer at the University of Vienna

"I wanted to support a great idea of young and engaged students. On a personal note, I felt like being taken back in time 40 years and enjoyed the adventure."

At this point, we absolutely must acknowledge Reinhard's contribution to this project.
He had his students take care of many things related to our stop in Vienna, as part of the course in Sports Management.
He lobbied for us with important institutions.
He helped with logistics.
He personally sponsored some equipment.
He joined the Ride!
He helped Stephanie meet us in Vienna.
He was always supportive and cheered everyone up.

The project has the Bike of Honour, but for the group, the greatest honour was to have him by our side.

PS: it was a bit strange to see him in a suit...

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