Aug 13, 2011

day 20 - Vienna to Laa an der Thaya

Day 20
July 22nd

With a much smaller group than in the past few weeks, we began stage E with - you'll never guess! - a meeting in Vienna. We were contacted by the head of the Austrian National Agency, which deals with the very issues we try to address and wanted to learn more about the project. We couldn't pass on such an opportunity to voice our message.

We hit the road under a heavy storm, testing our waterproof gear and climbing up the hills on the way to Laa an der Thaya, just before the border with the Czech Republic.

There, we met the local Mayor, presented our project and rolled our the Bike of Honour once again. We believe that local government has an immense responsibility in motivating and supporting young people to start their own projects and not just search for opportunities in the big cities. We've seen much country side up until now, and it's a world of possibilities.

Before we checked in the Pfadfindergruppe house, we received a special treat: evening at the spa! Courtesy of the Mayor and Therme Laa, we had dinner and dipped ourselves into hot salty water outside. It was a very nice reward after riding in the rain.

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