Aug 16, 2011

day 21 - Laa an der Thaya to Brno

Day 21
July 23rd

Our small and ever changing group left Laa and Austria, to add another flag to the pole. The Czech Republic now has the privilege to host Ride for your Rights!

With more merciful weather, we had a lunch break by the lakeside, where Julian decided to upset fishermen and scare little children by riding his unicycle (now finally accessible, thanks to Ferdinand's work).

The ride was comfortable, possibly because of yesterday's spa treat, and was crowned with the best reception we've had so far: the crew from ESN Brno were waiting for us at the dormitory with great snacks and the friendliest attitude we've encountered on our way. They really made us feel at home.

They took us out for dinner and drinks, with the promise of lots of fun for the break day. Looking forward!

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  1. Was fun having you in Brno, hope you find your way here again some time soon :)