Aug 17, 2011

day 22 - Brno

Day 22
July 24th

We had a meeting at the underground headquarters of ESN, at the Masarik University, with lots of food on the table again. We saw a presentation about beer (or was it about the Czech Republic?) and then a video about beer (or was it about Erasmus life?). Once again, we had a chance to talk about our goals, share experiences and then go for some beer.

We spent the afternoon playing a game incredibly similar to a city tour, only to end up at the train station, where Lukas and Ursi were beginning to think they would never make it back to Vienna. Given the low number of riders, we were all rooting for them to stay, but to no avail. Once they left, the city tour (or was it a game?) proceeded onto dinner time. We brought food for Julian and Tiago, who had left to work hours before, and continued with games until inappropriate hours.

It was a very easy going day with easy going people. Pity we have to leave, but there is still a lot of road ahead of us.

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