Aug 3, 2011

day 16 - Bratislava

Day 16
July 18th

Everyone dispersed on this half sunny, half rainy break in Bratislava. For those who made it, there was a city tour led by Michal. For the rest, BA has always something to offer, being the welcoming city that it is.

In the afternoon, we gathered again in Sad Janka Kral'a for our scheduled event. We had a short visit from a few activists from the local Critical Mass, then welcomed four new riders coming from Vienna, and we rolled out the Bike of Honour for the Director of Higher Education from the Slovak Ministry of Education, Mr Peter Plavcan. During our informal meeting we had the chance to express our concerns and the goal of the project, discussed the recognition problems with an informed perspective and collected another signature on our GoCycle.

We've become a large group at this point. We'd like to see it even larger up ahead. After all, this is the Ride for your Rights!

After this, the same old story: rain on the way home, dinner and a bit of clubbing, as the group prepares for an impressive arrival in Vienna...

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