Aug 18, 2011

day 24 - Olomouc to Potstat

Our schedule in Olomouc was pretty tight. We started the day at the Palacký University, where we met with the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Jakob Dürr, and with the head of the International Relations Office, Yvona Vyhnánková. They had carefully read the Manifesto and took some time to discuss with us our concerns and the goals of this project.

We learned about the restructuring of the Czech Higher Education system and how well it turned out to match the Bologna changes. We were also presented with some facts and figures of the University and the city of Olomouc, along with a short History lesson on František Palacký. At the end of the meeting, we brought our Bike of Honour which was tested and signed by our hosts, both cyclists in their free time.

After a nice lunch with the whole ESN crew, we went to the City Hall, where we met Mayor Martin Novotný, notable for being the youngest person elected Mayor of a big city in the Czech Republic, and also for being the leader of a rock band. After we introduced ourselves, we explained our ideas, received words of encouragement for the challenges ahead and gave the GoCycle another spin.

Once the meetings were over, we went on a city tour, where we found an impressive architecture hiding behind the cover of a student city.

In order to shorten the way to Ostrava, we still had to cover some distance this afternoon. There was a lot of climbing, under rain, up to the small town of Potstat. We stayed at the local kindergarten and went out for dinner at the only place in town. We tried the local food, had a couple of beers and met a young man named Jan, who had to come and talk to us to practice his English skills. The fact is that, between all the meetings and events, we also enjoy talking to the locals, it lets us escape the routine - if we can call it that.

This was one of the longest days so far. We want to thank our local team for welcoming us on such a quick visit, we really enjoyed it!

You can see some more photos of our visit here.

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