Aug 6, 2011

day 17 - Bratislava to Vienna

Day 17
July 19th

With the largest group so far, we gathered once again in Sad Janka Kral'a (really, it's a great meeting point!) and welcomed yet another two more cyclists. No ride in the park anymore, we're in it for a big one.

We hit the road, had a break in Orth an der Donau, had a little picnic, two more riders joined the group and we went on our merry way. We were joined by - whom else - our friend Reinhard, who can't resist tagging along with us on his bike and put together a nice surprise for us. We had a quick break in the park, before we moved our first big meeting, in front of the UN building.

By the UN building, we met disabled students and took some time to learn about a very important resolution. Students on wheelchairs, deaf students, they all encounter many more obstacles that the rest of us do, and their rights need much more riding from all of us.

For the final stretch, we crossed the Reichsbruecke into the center, and had a buffet at the University of Vienna. Guess who was there: Stephanie! This lady has no Boris, and yet she managed to reach Vienna in time to meet us again. Always nice to meet fellow travellers...

As most of the riders went home (more than half the group came from Vienna), the rest of us who live elsewhere made our way to Meininger Hotel, where we found the comfort we need for a couple of days of recovery. Much thanks to Pascal, who is our acting babysitter at the moment and, despite the attempted poisoning with Bulgarian rakia, he seems to enjoy our presence very much.

Stage D completed, eleven more to go.

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