Aug 18, 2011

facts of life: routines

After so much time of moving from one place to another on a daily basis, it feels like I've been doing this forever, and it feels strange if I stop somewhere. There's only a handful of us, everybody knows where the luggage fits best, everyone can carry someone else's stuff without mixing shoes, sleeping bags or mats, things just flow naturally and the mood is pretty good.

When exactly did this become normal to me? Or even to the others? Can you even call this a routine if you never sleep in the same place, or talk to the same people, or pack the cargo in the same way, or use the same currency, or hear the same language?

I was probably too busy to notice when this change took place, but now I'm wondering what it will be like when I go home and everything changes back. Then again, it might never change back. I've become a different man.

So, to all of you out there, that joined the Ride and went back home: how are you doing?


  1. Well Tiago ,
    since i left the group in Laa and went back home , things changed , i was expecting something ,actually i was expecting to see EU Bulgaria , but for a pitty it was the same shitty place. Same unfriendly faces on the streets , crazy drivers trying to run you over when you are cycling, same old gray Sofia.
    I was charged with possitive energy,but not even left Viena my energy was dryout from the Bulgarians in the bus , and after 15 hrs trip I was begging for one way ticket to the moon , or to a place I can join the group again!
    So Bulgaria didn't change and probably it won't! The change was in my heart,mind even dreams.
    As Mirko was saying SHIT HAPPENS but I still hope there will be a change!
    P.S. So You dear boys&girls from RFYR , You are part from my family and i miss you! The hope that one day I'll have the possiblity to make a cycling tour once more, side by side with all of you is making me stronger!

    Best Regards:

  2. Hey,
    it's been an interesting reading and I can sure tell you I know what it's like to get used to being on the road!
    Me and another friend were away from home for the last month, hitch-hiking throughout Europe... and it's so strange to come home to the same place every night. I was so used to travelling 600km in a day and now time stands still. But we're already planning our next trip!
    What I learned was that I can take this energy and make a lot more things happen here as well, just as I made them happen on the road when the only possibility was to keep moving forward.
    I hope the roads and wheather treat you nicely and wish you millions of great adventures on the road!!! Tallinn is looking forward to seeing you here :)