Aug 17, 2011

day 23 - Brno to Olomouc

We began the morning meeting Deputy Mayor Jana Bohuňovská at the City Hall. It is important for us that the local government officials, especially in cities with so many students, support such projects and allow for more active citizenship from students and youth. After explaining the goals of our project, we received words of encouragement, a signature on our Manifesto and some reflectors to help keep us safe on the road.

Before departure we had time for some Portuguese coffee and we were joined by Georg, directly from Vienna to ride with us again, and by Martin, a local cyclist who showed us the best way out of the city and offered to help with contacts along our itinerary. Once again, we had a rainy day, but with such a small group we could stretch the day's ride to Olomouc.

After hours under the rain, we made it to the center of the city, where Barbora from the local ESN kindly welcomed us to her flat, which we instantly turned into a nomad camp. Without women in the cycling group, it's harder to remain civilized.

A short stop at the gyros and a not-so-long visit to the pub were enough to get all of us on sleeping mode. More than 100 km in the rain will wear anyone out.

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