Jun 5, 2011

Bike of Honour meets President

Needless to say that the nomination for the most prestigious youth prize in Europe, the Charlegmane Youth Prize, was a success by itself. But receiving official support from Dr. Jerzy Buzek himself, tops nearly everything so far. So our little rolling white star can adorn itself with signature #3 - coming from the President of the European Parliament.

While telling Dr. Buzek about the concept of our Bike of Honour, the President was also interested in the content of our Manifesto. So with a little bit of optimism, our proposals laid out in the Manifesto will find listeners in circles we originally only wanted to address after the tour with concrete results. This is certainly a huge step forward for everyone.

Meanwhile it is up to you and your friends to back our initiative by signing the Manifesto online. The European Commission is about to publish their draft on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014 - 2020 and everyone is hoping for a major budgetary shift towards education and mobility. Fraternite 2020 asks for 20 billion Euros yearly for exchange programmes and will launch a European Citizen's Initiative in 2012. Until then it is up to the Ride for your Rights! movement to put some pressure on decision makers from the base of reality. So do something for your own educational rights by signing the Manifesto and by telling your friends about the movement.

This is what the President had to say about our work:

"Ride for your Rights! is a movement representative of a generation of young Europeans who understand their responsibility in the development of our continent and society. These youngsters are an excellent example of active citizenship. I wish all participants the best of luck."

If we take the President by his word, we also count on your signatures!


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