May 28, 2011

Privet St. Petersburg

With one month to go till all Ride for your Rights! bikers meet in Novi Sad for the opening ceremony, local teams are working eagerly to consolidate the programmes and events in their tour towns.

Next to the opening ceremony down south, the closing ceremony in Pburg will also be one of a kind. In order to make sure that all riders will arrive in St. Petersburg safely, George and his crew from St. Petersburg Fixed Gear decided to give us their great support by picking us up from the Finnish border. Cycling on Russian streets and especially cycling in St. Petersburg takes skills, guts and the knowledge which route to take to avoid a visit to the bike clinic.

So what could be better than teaming up with St. Petersburg riders to support them in return and ride for our rights as cyclists on car and traffic dominated streets in Russia together?

Check out the video message and meet the crew

More news on Pburg and all other stops coming soon...

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