Jun 20, 2011

two weeks notice

So, the day approaches.

After months of mindless brainstorming (my favorite paradox), endless days and sleepless nights, we come to the last couple of weeks before we hit the road for the trip of a lifetime. May it be the first of many (since this is the paradox paragraph of this short message).

We have upset the daily routines of well over a hundred people. We have shared thoughts and frustrations to fellow youngsters whom we've never even met. We got lost in translation and found in the "spam mailbox". After all this time preparing our journey, calling people, writing e-mails, getting lost under all the loose information we gather, being asked questions we don't really know the answer to, after all of this... we're about ready to start.

We plan on upsetting the routines of many more, and all in a positive way. We want to make heads turn, we want to make brows rise, we want to touch the hearts and minds of everyone we can reach.

We want to Ride for your Rights!

For all the good people out there who have showed their support for this project, their willingness to participate and to contribute, we want to tell you we're looking forward to meeting all of you, facing this challenge, getting to know your stories, your problems, your dreams and aspirations and your ability to ride a bike across a continent.

Over these next few days, all of you can expect a lot of details to emerge. We'll tell you where we're going, when we're stopping, what we're doing and when we're leaving. We'll tell you about our workshops, our meetings, our city tours, about every hand we shake and every pint we empty.

Don't forget to keep up with the news, spread the word and support our project in any way you can!

See you all soon!

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