Jun 20, 2011

a message from ESN Spain

... speaking of showing support: the good people of ESN Spain had a little get-together in Vigo recently. They recorded a message on behalf of Ride for your Rights! - homemade, a bit grainy and just what we needed to lift our spirits!

Let us not forget: Ride for your Rights! is about making a change for the better, creating the conditions for a more effective and rewarding system of student mobility in Europe. It's not just about riding a bike, it's about taking a stand for the rights of European students and, in the long run, to make Europe a place of mutual understanding, happiness and prosperity.

Making a change is within our reach. Every single one of us has a voice, and that voice must be heard by our representatives. We brought you a Manifesto for student mobility, we'd like you to read it, sign it and show it to others so they may do the same. This is how we want to show our representatives that student mobility is a concern of many, and an instrument of development that cannot be overlooked.

You can visit our website and find several translations of this Manifesto. If it's not translated in your native language, why not give it a try? "Small" projects like Ride for your Rights!, just as "Big" projects like European integration, demand the participation of all people concerned.

There are a lot of ways you can help and contribute. Don't just "like" it. Do it. For you and for all of us.

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