Sep 5, 2011

facts of life: it's active citizenship, stupid!

Having only three bikes on the road speaks loudly of the students' interest in doing something assertive for their own rights. It may seem crazy, but we are trying to get all those young people to speak up and get involved in the decisions that affect their opportunities and have an impact on their future.

Even more upsetting, though, is having meetings canceled "because there are not enough cyclists".

While ignoring the physical effort of these brave young lads and lassies is something I take personally, I guess ignoring the greater effort and commitment of hundreds of individuals and organizations is even more aggravating. We have had contact with many people who only now started to realize how important it is to let their voice be heard, and we still get shunned by some people who ask for more youth participation and do not act accordingly when the opportunity comes.

We're not stopping. We're going to knock at their doors again. And again. And again. Until they listen.

Won't you join us?

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